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At Bay Area Janitorial, we know most homeowners and renters don’t want to hassle with cleaning their own windows. It’s a time consuming task that can feel daunting and even unsafe without the proper preparation. But don’t worry! Our team of house cleaners has experience correctly and carefully cleaning windows, removing dirt and grime, cleaning the screens and leaving behind only sparkle and shine.

Let Us Help Make Your Windows Shine!

The frequency of window cleaning required depends on where your home is located; if you live near the ocean with salt spray or in a rural area with lots of dust and freeway dirt, you may find that your windows accumulate dirt more quickly and leave your view diminished. We recommend hiring our cleaning services to clean your home’s windows at least once a year. Typically, we find that most homes can benefit from window cleaning twice annually. We offer window cleaning as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to your regular housekeeping services.  

We value your trust and treat safety as a priority; we only employ referenced house keepers and keep entrances locked and secured while we are cleaning your windows. A team of two to three experienced cleaners will bring all the required supplies and equipment to clean your home. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

A Comprehensive Clean For Your Windows

Our window cleaning service is detailed and thorough, for a great clean inside and out:

Clean window glass inside and outside - for a streak-free finish

Wipe clean window sills and tracks - for a white-glove-clean test 

Wipe interior and exterior window frames - where dirt and dust accumulates 

Touch up paint on frames - if needed

Can handle up to 3rd floor windows - we have no problem cleaning windows up to the third floor

Cleaning Window Coverings

Bay Area Janitorial is happy to clean your window coverings in addition to your windows:

Hand clean shutters to remove dust and grime - for a streak-free finish

Hand clean blinds to remove dust and dirt 

Clean drapery fabric - depending on the type of drapery fabric, we will wash them on a gentle cycle, vacuum them, or recommend that they are taken to the dry cleaners

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