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Bay Area Janitorial offers residential cleaning services when moving out to help meet your landlord’s or prospective buyer’s expectations for cleanliness. We know that for you to confidently vacate your apartment, condo, house, home or rental, it needs to be as clean as or cleaner than when you first moved in. 


When having to move out of an apartment, condo, townhouse, or house, hopefully you are excited about your new location. Part of the process of moving out, if you are renting, is leaving the home clean and in the same condition as when you moved in so that you don’t lose your security deposit. Whereas, when selling your home, you need to leave it clean enough for the new owners to move in. Sellers have a responsibility to clean the home* after they have moved out. Standard California real estate contracts don't address the condition of the home except for stating that it should be left in essentially the same condition as it was when the offer was accepted*. 

Read more about our services for cleaning homes before moving in.

Bay Area Janitorial values your trust and treats safety as a priority; we only employ referenced house keepers and keep entrances locked and secured while we are cleaning your home. A team of two to three experienced cleaners will bring all the required supplies and equipment to clean your home. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Final Verification of Condition from California Department of Real Estate (DRE)
The agreement will specify that the buyer has the right to make a final inspection of the property within 5 days prior to closing, not as a contingency of the sale but solely to confirm the property is in the same condition, any repairs have been completed as agreed between the parties and the seller has complied with all other contractual obligations.

Our moving out cleaning services include:

Usually we will perform our deep cleaning moving out services after people have moved out all of their belongings and furniture. We are also available to clean premises if they are partially furnished. Bay Area Janitorial is  flexible and accommodating with all moving out situations. 

Deep Cleaning
  • Steam clean carpets

  • Spot clean walls

  • Remove bulbs and clean light fixtures

  • Remove and clean vent coves and fan blades throughout dwelling

Whole House
  • Vacuum all carpets and floors before steam cleaning

  • Clean and mop all floors

  • Clean light switches, doors and door frames

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Remove pet hair

  • Sweep porches and steps

Whole House and Deep Cleaning lists plus:

  • Deep clean all counters and surfaces including grout and/or granite

  • Clean inside and outside cabinets and appliances

  • Clean microwave

  • Completely clean stove top burners and knobs

  • Clean interior of refrigerator removing all food and cleaning the inside walls, all shelves and drawers and inside door(s)

  • Scrub and deep clean inside and outside of oven


Whole House and Deep Cleaning lists plus:

  • Scrub showers and tubs

  • Clean toilets

  • Clean sinks

  • Wipe down cabinet interiors and exteriors

  • Deep clean countertops

  • Deep clean and shine mirrors and metal surfaces

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