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Bay Area Janitorial is a house, home, condo, office and commercial cleaning service headquartered in San Jose, California. Bay Area Janitorial was founded in 2002 by Juan P. Martinez. Since that time the company has grown and expanded its professional cleaning services under his guidance.


Juan built his cleaning service company from the ground up. He met a co-worker with a cleaning service, joined that company for about a year, learned the ropes and then, with encouragement, started his own cleaning business. He hasn’t looked back since!

Juan Martinez was born in Colombia. He came to the U.S. in 1998 when he was 20 years old where he had been in college. When he arrived, he attended Mission College in addition to taking ESL classes. He wanted to learn about his new country and be able to communicate.  At the same time he worked part-time doing odd jobs. When he started working for the cleaning service, he realized he was quite capable of running his own cleaning service, plus, he wanted to be his own boss. Growing up in Colombia he was raised watching his mom run her own pharmacy store and thought he could also do management; he has a talent for business. Now that he was in the United States, he wanted the flexibility and to be more in control of his own destiny and therefore, running a small business fit him perfectly. Even though running a cleaning service business is hard work, the flexibility and the rewards of having no limits met his needs.  He is married with a young family and wants to continue to be honest and successful for his growing family.


Juan also learned some finer points of running a business through the AnewAmerica organization. AnewAmerica has served communities throughout Northern California since 1999. The organization promotes entrepreneurship within minority communities and helps to train and coach individuals to start their own business supporting economic growth for themselves and their communities. 

Learning from people who already knew the cleaning business from AnewAmerica helped Juan to refine, build and run his company more efficiently. 

Juan has talented, dedicated people working for his cleaning service and also has loyal customers. He is kind to those who work for him and is attentive to his customers’ needs. Building his cleaning service business from the ground up has been a labor of love and even though not easy, Juan has and continues to be successful. 

Photo by Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash

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