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Before we start to clean your home or office, Bay Area Janitorial will do a site visit and walkthrough. During Covid-19, of course, we will wear our mask and do social distancing during the visit.

Fair and Honest  Estimates

Walking through your home or office is important because it allows us to assess how clean your home or office is already, how much work we will need to do, and if there are any structural or clutter issues that may make it difficult for us to clean. We believe a walkthrough is the most fair and honest way to give an estimate. Also, understanding your needs and any particular special areas or care for pets you may have is important to us. We strive to give you the best home or office cleaning from the first day we work.


We value your trust and treat safety as a priority; we only employ referenced house keepers and keep entrances locked and secured while we are cleaning your home. A team of two to three experienced cleaners will bring all the required supplies and equipment to clean your gutters. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Cleaning rates depend on the type of cleaning desired and the size of your home (regular house cleaning, move-out, move-in, post construction cleaning, or deep cleaning) or office cleaning. Additional services such as cleaning windows and window coverings, expertly cleaning gutters, or cleaning the oven and/or fridge will add to your final cost. We offer a discount for setting up a weekly or monthly cleaning contract which can be discussed at the time of the walkthrough.


If you aren’t sure you will want to have a weekly or monthly cleaning set up, that’s fine with us! We are flexible.  We are here to work with you whenever you need us.

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash.

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